PRO Men, PRO Women, Kids (Boys and Girls) Age 9U,  Age 11U , Age 13U and Over 40 Men, Women 
July 29th, 2021
July 30th, 2021
Amateur Men, Amateur Women, Kids (Boys and Girls) Age 7U, Age 9U, Age 11U and Age 15U.
July 31st, 2021
Main Event Finals
PRO Men, PRO Women, Kids (Boys and Girls) Age 9U, Age 13U,  Over 40 Men, Women
Amateur Men, Amateur Women, Kids (Boys and Girls) Age 7U,  11U, 15U

Watch the UNAA Finals

How do I watch?

Using the ticket links above, have access to our 3 ticket options to view the UNAA Finals from the comfort and safety of your own home. Starting at a ONE time FEE of $4.99, you can purchase a membership to view the competition pages. Once you've paid, you will have to create a quick login that will give you access to the viewing pages. After you've signed up and purchased your membership, you can click on the event pages. Each page will have 4 videos labeled to their courses. Each video will display a live view of the course and the competitors competing at that time. If there are no competitors competing, you may see a past video or a waiting signal, please do not worry, we will continue with the video as soon as competition resumes. All 5 videos will be available on each page on July 29th. During each livestreams, no broadcasts are guaranteed. Video and surrounding audio may be available at times, but our broadcasters will not be talking each minute of the day. 

Thank you! -B. Viral Productions